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Welcome to Duffy Electric Boats NW

There's nothing quite like a day out on a Duffy – just you, your family and friends enjoying the spectacular views while navigating serene Lake Washington in the quietest, easiest to operate boat you've ever experienced.



Very friendly staff with excellent customer service. Great way to spend great time with the family or if you have guests visiting. We brought our food, drinks and played our own fun music. We all had a great time and decided to extend another hour.
Looking forward to doing it again soon!


Family and friends celebrated my 85th birthday by renting a Duffy Electric Boat and leisurely putt putting around Juanita Bay. The weather was fabulous and the views were gorgeous. Best of all, I use a walker and it's easy for me to get into and out of the boat (with a little help from owners and my family). Best birthday in a long, long time!


Words can't describe how awesome the experience we had. Not only was the boat awesome . The service provided made me and my fiance feel like V.I.P's
Wether you are a couple looking for a couple looking to have a romantic day or evening or a family wanting to a fun outing on lake Washington I highly recommend Duffy boats Kirkland


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