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  • What is the minimum age to rent a Duffy?
    The driver and renter of record must be 21 years of age. No boating license or permit is required as the boats operate at less than 15hp. A valid driver's license is required to finalize your rental agreement.
  • Are the boats easy to drive?
    They are! Duffys operate with the same batteries found on golf carts. The boats cruise silently at approximately 5mph. We will review the operation of the boat and safety guidelines prior to departure. We will assist in getting you launched from the dock, and explain how to return the Duffy safely.
  • How many passengers are allowed on a Duffy?
    Our 21' Duffys can accommodate up to 10 passengers Our 22' “Luxury” boat can accommodate up to 12 passengers.
  • Are there age restrictions to ride on a Duffy?
    Guests of all ages are welcome, but please note, regardless of age, every person counts as a passenger towards the capacity limits, including infants.
  • Are there toilets onboard the Duffy Boats?
    Unfortunately, no. We encourage our guests to use the Marina Park restrooms near our Watts Up Dock before your cruise.
  • Can I hire a captain to drive the Duffy?
    Call to inquire on Captain’s availability and pricing, however our boats are easy to drive – being your own captain is part of the fun!
  • Are Duffy Boats handicapped-accessible?
    While our dock is wheelchair accessible, the boats are not designed to be wheelchair accessible.
  • Are pets allowed onboard?
    Unfortunately, we cannot allow any pets, regardless of size, on the Duffy Boats. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Does a Duffy have AC or heat?
    Our Duffys do not have air conditioning but we do have portable heaters as well as zippered window panels to reduce or increase air flow.
  • Can the surrey tops be removed?
    The Duffy Boat surrey top is not removeable and must remain on at all times. The clear window panels are designed to be unzipped and rolled up to enjoy the lake breezes. If you’re craving some sunshine, reserve one of our Sun Cruisers, which have an outside deck to soak up the rays!
  • How much does it cost to enjoy a Duffy Boat?
    Prices vary within the fleet, day of the week and events. Please see our home page or booking link for up to date pricing.
  • Are there any extra fees beside the hourly rental rate?
    Yes – current sales tax of 10.1% will be added to your rental total. You may also choose to add an optional $25 damage waiver, also subject to sales tax. We also reserve the right to charge a minimum $150 restoration fee for any boat returned needing excessive cleaning due to renter misuse.
  • Do you require an advance deposit to rent a Duffy?
    Yes, at time of booking there is a 50% advance deposit applied towards the reservation. The balance of the rental will be paid in full on your day of rental upon check in.
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